We love traveling, weather it be business or pleasure we've got you covered. 

Not all hotels are created equal, if your planning a quick trip but want all the comforts of home,
make sure you grab these items before you take off. 

Sleep Mask
Get the best sleep on your trip with a silk face mask. 

Complexion Brush

Extra soft bristles cleanse and exfoliate. Use regularly as an invigorating skin care regimen for a healthy complexion.


Super soft stretch mesh helps hold your hair back without creasing your hair

Hair Brush

Bamboo hair bush is great for detangling your tresses 

Microfiber Hair Towel

This quick drying hair turban is great for keeping hair dry, tidy and away from the face. It's lightweight,
microfiber material is ultra absorbent and dries hair faster than ordinary towels. Button fastener provides
an easy comfortable fit.

Ultra lux Therapy Socks 

Never walk bare foot in a hotel! Grab your Ultra Luxe Therapy Socks, treated with lavender and jojoba they deeply hydrate your feet and are super soft and comfy.


Polishing Towel 

Lather up with a polishing towel for smooth clean skin.